Tampa Bay Hash House Harriers


Here's how it works. One or more 'hares' (really just people) set out running, leaving behind a trail of flour. Fifteen minutes later, the pack of 'hounds' (more people) set out, tracking the marks in hopes of catching up to, and snagging the hares. The hares leave their marks clearly, but cleverly, so as to try and outwit the pack. This is done by leaving false trails and by arranging for beer stops along the way.

Competitive running is strongly discouraged, as this is not a race, but more of a game that we play before we drink. Many of the hashers walk the entire trek. The distance of the trail varies depending on the hares personal preference. The run can be anywhere from 3-6 miles. At the end of the trail, this group of lunatics (and you can be one of us) will form a fraternal circle (led by the Religious Advisor or GM), sing vulgar songs and come up with excuses for, and encouraging their comrades to chug beer...... like we need a reason!